are my eyebrows okay?
♥ ello. Isha, 15 and is probably sleep-deprived. i love music i'm a poet writing real things. i'm muslim and living life. i am free. "don't ever love someone more than you love yourself." ♥
  • Aries: has no chill
  • Taurus: has too much chill
  • Gemini: needs to shut the fuck up
  • Cancer: won't stop crying
  • Leo: keeps checking the mirror
  • Virgo: talks while you listen to your fave song ????
  • Libra: wears too much makeup
  • Scorpio: has a boner
  • Sagittarius: probably snorts paprika for fun
  • Capricorn: cleans too much or not enough
  • Aquarius: ditches babies
  • Pisces: needs rehab
  • school: your tuition bill is-
  • me: oh darling, stars never pay


Being confident in yourself is so rare that people actually get mad at you if you are.